COVID-19 & Refund Policy

We are Bills fans, and share the same passion as you do! We do extensive research on each city to make sure the experience you have is well worth it. We know what areas of the city are the best locations to stay in regards to nightlife, restaurants, shopping, etc. We cover every last detail of the trip, so all you have to do is show up! The hassle of planning your own trip is already taken care of! We also make the cost of traveling a lot easier on everyone with our flexible payments. When booking a trip all we require is a small deposit to reserve your spot. The remainder of the balance is broken into payments throughout the months leading up to the trip however you may want it.

The full value of your trip will be recovered in a combination of credits and money within 60 days of an announcement.

Please understand certain vendors we work with may have different refund policies. For instance, certain airlines may only offer credit in your name for future travel for the airfare portion of your trip. In that case we are unable to refund that portion out of pocket.

Your initial deposit per person will be issued as a credit towards any future Fans of Buffalo trip. Your deposit is used to help alleviate some of the financial impact and risk we take up front. For instance, if teams do not officially “cancel” the games and just “postpone” the games to a later date. Fans of Buffalo would need to absorb the cost of the game tickets. Also, games being cancelled, played without fans, or postponed has no direct affect on the airlines. Unless there is a travel ban or government shutdown than the airlines will still operate the flights we are in contract with. Therefore, Fans of Buffalo is still accountable for any payments made to the airlines and will be difficult to break the contract after a certain point. We also run the risk a vendor does not fulfill their refund policy or delays their refund (locations of the planned parties, caterers, transportation companies, equipment rental companies, etc).

No matter what happens, the total cost of your trip will be recovered in a combination of credits and money. We will go above and beyond and make sure you are taken care of going forward. We thank you in advance and appreciate your understanding.

We get a wide range of all ages. Nobody is ever too old or too young! However, you must be 21+ to consume any alcoholic beverages at our tailgate parties. Everybody on our trips get along, and most times form great relationships that extends after the trip. Also, we welcome kids. We do not get a lot of kids who come on our trips, but when kids do come they have a blast!

Your airfare/bus transportation to each city is provided in our packages. The buses are deluxe motor coach buses with comfortable seating, TVs, and a bathroom.  For further trips we include your airfare. Our airfare seats are first come first serve on the best times and options. We try to reserve enough direct flights with good times to accommodate everyone.

For all of our overnight trips we spend a lot of time researching the city we are traveling to. We make sure we select a hotel in an area that is in the heart of the city walking distance to local attractions, nightlife, restaurants, and shopping. Before we make any reservation we take all of our options, and compare the hotel reviews. From there we select the best possible hotel for our travelers based off of location and its reviews!

On each trip we make sure that all of our game tickets are seated together as a group, or as close together as possible. All tickets will be located in the upper level, and you will have an option to upgrade to the lower level on most trips.

All of our tailgate parties will be in a reserved area in the parking lot, or at a bar walking distance to the arena. We will have great music, beverages, food, and games. We bring in the top local BBQ caterers in each city to serve our tailgates, and provide a long menu of delicious food!

The more the merrier! In fact, if you plan on bringing a large group please contact us and a group discount can be applied!

No problem at all. Just email us, and we can work something out to deduct it out of the total price. We have people all the time who have their own game tickets, or want to travel themselves. We get a lot of Buffalo transplants in each city looking to join our tailgate or sit with us.

Payments can be made securely through our website. This is the easiest and most secure method since it is powered by Square.  You can pay with your credit/debit card at checkout. Personal checks and venmo are also accepted.


As mentioned above we are  flexible with payments. A small deposit per person is required at the time of booking. After that we work directly with you to spread out the payments of the remaining balance however you may request it leading up to the trip.

Deposits are not refundable but transferable.

Payments that have been made towards the remaining balance owed are non-refundable as well. Due to having to sign contracts for tickets, hotels, airlines, etc it makes it difficult for us to break these once we account for your spots. You can transfer your spots to anyone else that may be interested though.

If a trip is canceled we will do everything in our power to make it work in your favor. Whether your money be refunded or applied to a future trip. However, there are some circumstances that are completely out of our hand. Including weather, acts of god, schedule changes, etc. Obviously, we do not want to be placed in this situation, but we ask you to take all possible outcomes into consideration when booking a trip.

Fans of Buffalo LLC works with a licensed agent to provide travel insurance on all trips. For more information and to receive instant quotes please review the link provided in your confirmation email when signing up.