COVID, Refund Policy, Travel Insurance

*The customer acknowledges that, at times, accommodations, tour itineraries, travel arrangements and/or other group and tour events may need to be altered or cancelled due to sudden unavailability of accommodations, pandemic, acts of God, weather related issues, any municipal, state, or federal law or ordinance, any governmental regulation, ruling or order, delays, operating failures and/or other unfortunate causes beyond the reasonable and expected control of Fans of Buffalo LLC*

COVID-19 is now considered a foreseen and known event. Therefore, travel insurance does not cover any COVID related trip interruption. More info can be found at the following link that was provided by our licensed travel insurance provider.

Fans of Buffalo LLC will be handling COVID related trip interruption the same as all travel insurance providers. We will do everything we can to recover as much of your trip as possible, but please assume your trip is nonrefundable. We do not want to keep your money, but some instances are beyond our control. We contract with all the airlines, hotels, and vendors we work with. If a game is played with no fans or is postponed then this does not have a direct affect on these vendors. The airlines will still fly, and the hotels will still operate. Therefore, we are legally responsible to still pay these costs for all travelers. We are not due a refund from them. Therefore, we are unable to refund what is not refunded to us.

If a game is postponed to a later date than we are still financially committed to the game tickets we have purchased. Those game tickets would only be valid for the later date, and not refunded back to us. This would be the same if you would purchase your tickets yourself from the team or any secondary market seller like StubHub, Ticketmaster, Etc.

If you must cancel your trip for any other reason such as illness, death in the family, work related instances, etc. then we will do everything we can to recover and refund your trip. Whether it be reselling and transferring the trip to someone else, or recovering the funds paid. Anything outside of 60 days prior to the trip is manageable. Once we are below 60 days it gets a little less manageable. When it is less than 30 days than it gets a lot less manageable. Please know we will do everything we can though.

For the most coverage of your trip, we recommend reviewing and purchasing a travel insurance plan provided by our licensed insurance provider. There are optional upgrades to the plans for “Cancel For Any Reason”. Which would look to refund 50% of your entire trip if you decide to cancel your trip up to 48 hours before for any reason. More info on “Cancel For Any Reason” can be found at the following link.

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